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I built my portfolio site with 2 things in mind, beyond the usual concerns of any website:
1. no databases. Didn't want to deal with them.
2. still easy to update.
Using a database would mean I'd need an admin area as well, which is beyond the scope of the site in general. In addition, I had to get this portfolio site done in a hurry, since it was an assignment for class as well.

After some experimenting with EXIF, I found I could store and retrieve information held there. That became the basis my site is built upon. All information about any given piece of a project is stored in the exif data for a jpg. The site was originally only designed to handle jpgs, but I later adapted it to use jpgs as placeholders and display other types of information, as seen on the code pages. Grouping of related images is done simply through directory.

The result, I can update the site easily by constructing a project in its entirety locally, and then ftp it to the server as is.